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E-Switch – Mechanical Components

E-Switch has been manufacturing quality switches since 1979 for the electronics, telecom, high tech, medical, instrumentation, industrial, audio/visual, appliance and consumer markets. E-Switch product lines include Illuminated and non-illuminated tact switches, sealed switches, rockers, toggles, slides, pushbutton switches, slide DIP, rotary, keylock, snap action, power, and illuminated switches, among many custom applications such as trigger switches.

E-Switch Featured Products

  • E-Switch ST2 Series Switch

    E-Switch ST2 Series Switch

    Features tab, screw, and solder options, a rubber boot for protection, and a heavy duty rating.

  • E-Switch TL1270 Series Tact Switch

    E-Switch TL1270 Series Tact Switch

    Has a rating of 50mA @ 12VDC, an operating temp. of -40¡C to 85¡C, and life exp. of 300,000 cycles.

  • E-Switch LP37 Series Illuminated Pushbutton Switches

    E-Switch LP37 Series Illuminated Pushbutton Switches

    Right angle design, 5.1mm travel, LED colors, SPDT.

  • E-Switch LP15 & LP2 Series Illuminated Pushbuttons

    E-Switch LP15 & LP2 Series Illuminated Pushbuttons

    5 colors, custom marking, cap options, competitive price.

  • E-Switch Tact, Snap Action, Pushbutton Switches

    E-Switch Tact, Snap Action, Pushbutton Switches

    A wide variety of switches for almost any application.

  • E-Switch Illuminated LED Pushbuttons - LP1, LP4 Series

    E-Switch Illuminated LED Pushbuttons – LP1, LP4 Series

    Momentary or Latching right angle, multiple bezel and button designs.

E-Switch Product Line
LED Indication
LED Lighting
Industrial Automation




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Product List

Part NumberProduct NameMFGQty 
KSC441J.C&K Components KSC441J Tactile Switches 0.05A 32VDC J-LeadE-Switch595.00
TL1240NMCDL357E-SWITCH TL1240NMCDL357 SWITCH TACTILE 0.05A 12V RoHSE-Switch2,000.00
TL1105A-F160QE-Switch TL1105AF160Q Tactile Switches 6.0X5.0MM 160GE-Switch0.00
TL2285-OAE-SWITCH TL2285OA Pushbutton Switch 0.1A DPDT MOME-Switch0.00
PV9E-Switch PV9 Series Anti-vandal SwitchE-Switch0.00
TL9210E-Switch TL9210 SERIES TACT SMT SWITCHE-Switch0.00
TL6210E-Switch TL6210 Series Tact Switch, SMT, Illuminated and IP67 ratedE-Switch0.00
500RE-Switch 500R Series Slide Switch Sealed to IP67E-Switch0.00
200UE-Switch 200U Series Sealed Ultra-miniature PCB Toggle SwitchesE-Switch0.00
200BE-Switch 200B Series Sealed SMT Sub-miniature Toggle SwitchesE-Switch0.00
TL1105SF160QTL1105SF160Q E-Switch Tactile Switches 6.0X8.35MM R/A 160GE-Switch17,000.00
TL3304AF160QJTL3304AF160QJ E-Switch Tactile Switch SPST 6.2mmSQ J-LEADE-Switch1,000.00
TL1105BF100QTL1105BF100Q E-Switch Tact Switch 12V 0.05A SPST 4-PinE-Switch0.00
TL6330AF200QTL6330AF200Q E-Switch Tactile Switch 1VA 32V SPST SMDE-Switch0.00
100DP3T1B1M2QEH100DP3T1B1M2QEH E-Switch Toggle Switch 125VAC 5A PC PinE-Switch0.00