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ITT Industries Cannon Connectors Switches – Mechanical Components

SamtecITT Industries, Inc. is a global engineering and manufacturing company with leading positions in the markets it serves, generating 2003 sales of $5.63 billion.ITT Industries is the world’s premier supplier of pumps, systems and services to move, control and treat water and other fluids.The company is a major supplier of sophisticated military defense systems, and provides advanced technical and operational services to a broad range of government agencies. ITT Industries also produces connectors, switches, keypads and cabling used in telecommunications, computing, aerospace and industrial applications, as well as network services.

ITT Cannon has nearly 100 years of experience designing and delivering highly engineered interconnect solutions to meet some of the most challenging environments both on and off the planet. Having literally defined the standards for circular, rack & panel, micro-miniature and D-subminiature connectors in the aviation, space and industrial markets, Cannon has one of the broadest portfolios of high-reliability ruggedized connectors available today.

ITT Corporation manufactures and sells engineered critical components and customized technology solutions for the energy, transportation, and industrial markets worldwide. The company operates in four segments: Industrial Process, Motion Technologies, Interconnect Solutions, and Control Technologies. The Industrial Process segment manufactures industrial pumps, valves, and related equipment comprising centrifugal, chemical, slurry and process, and paper stock pumps, as well as vertical, axial flow, multi-stage, and other pumps; twin screw, multiphase boosting system, and progressive cavity pumps; and industrial knife-gate and sanitary diaphragm valves. This segment also offers aftermarket solutions, such as parts supply, inventory optimization, field service, energy and reliability assessment, repair, upgrade, and overall equipment maintenance services; and water treatment systems. The Motion Technologies segment manufactures engineered and durable components comprising brake pads, shock absorbers, and damping technologies for passenger cars, light and heavy-duty commercial and military vehicles, buses, and rail transportation markets. The Interconnect Solutions segment designs and manufactures engineered connectors and cable assemblies, including electrical connectors of various types, such as circular, rectangular, radio frequency, fiber optic, D-sub miniature, micro-miniature, and cable assemblies. The Control Technologies segment provides flow control and actuation components, as well as motion control, energy absorption, and vibration isolation products for commercial aerospace, military, and other markets; and energy absorption, precision motion control, and natural gas regulators primarily for the automation, heavy industry, infrastructure, and oil and gas markets. The company was formerly known as ITT Industries, Inc. and changed its name to ITT Corporation in July 2006. ITT Corporation was founded in 1920 and is headquartered in White Plains, New York.


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  • Defense Electronics & Services
  • Motion & Flow Control
  • Electronic Components


Electronic Components

This business consists of the Company's products marketed under the Cannon brand. These products include connectors, switches and cabling used in telecommunications, computing, aerospace and industrial applications, as well as network services.

  • Electronic Components
    • Cannon
    • Network Systems & Services
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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
CA1000M35VITT CA1000M35V Capacitor 1000uF 35V Axial150.3600
BC337-25ITT Semiconductor BC337-25 BJT Transistor, NPN, 45V, 625 mW, 800 mA TO-921,9770.1800
BZX84_C15ITT Semiconductor BZX84C15 Switching Diode 15V 350mW 5% SMD SOT-236300.1900
DB6020ITT DB60-20 Connector Accessories Plug Dust Cap Black51.0000
DB6020.ITT DB60-20 Connector Accessories Plug Dust Cap Polyethylene Black00.5500
D20418-39 ITT CANNON D20418-39 Jackscrew Socket 4-40, 20.66MM00.8100
MS3420-8ITT CANNON MS3420-8 Connector, Bushing Sleeve171.4500
XLR-3-31ITT Cannon XLR-3-31 Panel Mount Locking Female XLR Connector03.5000
MDM-51SCBRPMDM-51SCBRP ITT Cannon Micro-D D-Sub Connector 51 Position Solder RA Thru-Hole0260.0000
192991-0322ITT Cannon 192991-0322 Shrouded Pin Header 9 Position 5.08mm678.2500
2N3906-ITTITT Semiconductor 2N3906 NPN Transistor 40V 200mA TO-9252,0000.3500
BC548CITT BC548C Transistor NPN 30V 100MA TO-92215,8750.0500
BC848B.ITT Semiconductor BC848B BJT Transistor NPN 330mW 30V 0.1A SOT2362,0000.1000
BC857A-TRITT Semiconductor BC857A-TR General Purpose PNP Transistor 100mA 45V SMD SOT-2342,0000.2000
ED743961-19REVAEITT Cannon ED743961-19REVAE D-SUB BOARD MOUNT REV AE507.0000
DB25SITT CANNON DB-25S Connector D-SUB 25 Position D-Sub Receptacle51.1500
ZMM5245BITT Semiconductor ZMM5245B Zener Diode 15V 5% 500mW SMD SOD-80C1,9920.1000
BC557BBC557B ITT Semiconductor General Purpose BJT PNP Transistor 45V 0.1A TO-927,9250.2000
CHM120230-1247ITT Cannon CHM120230-1247 2.0 Connector System1,2500.5000
2DB52P-44ITT Cannon 2DB52P-44 Micro Connector5870.0000
192990-2630ITT TRIDENT 192990-2630 Connector Crimp Contact, Pin, 18 AWG, 16 AWG1920.0000
D110238-165ITT CANNON D110238-165 DSUB PIN AU 20-18 AWG NO INS SUPPORT0665.0000
DL1-156PW-4DL1-156PW-4 ITT Cannon Rack & Panel Connector0175.0000
REKN-BK-AUITT REKN-BK-AU Pushbutton Switch SPST-NO Keyswitch00.0000
PTS635VH39-LFSITT Cannon PTS635VH39-LFS Tactile Switch SPST 3.5mm Through Hole00.3000
M83513/03-H03CM83513/03-H03C ITT Corporation Micro-D Connector MIL Spec 100P 3A00.0000
MDM-31SBRPMDM-31SBRP ITT Cannon Connector Micro D-Subminiature 31 POS 1 Port0179.0000
OS102011MA1QN1OS102011MA1QN1 ITT CANNON Slide Switch 0.2A AT 30V00.0000
158F41-11158F41-11 ITT AEROSPACE CONTROLS UNIT Flow Switch00.0000
192922-1460192922-1460 ITT CONTACT, PIN, 22-20AWG, CRIMP RoHS00.0000
192922-1470192922-1470 ITT SOCKET 20-22AWG CRIMP AU FLASH RoHS00.0000
192990-0350192990-0350 ITT Connector Housing 2 POS00.0000
192990-0360192990-0360 ITT Connector Housing 2 POS00.0000
DPX2NE57MPA106S34B03DPX2NE-57MPA106S34B03 ITT Connector Rack and Panel00.0000
DPX2NE57MSA106P33B39DPX2NE-57MSA106P-33B-39 ITT Connector Rack and Panel00.0000
DPX2NE57MPA106S34B00DPX2NE-57MPA106S34B00 ITT Connector Socket00.0000
MDM-15PBSPMDM-15PBSP ITT Interconnect Connector Micro D-Subminiature 15 POS 1 Port00.0000
MDM-21PBSPMDM-21PBSP ITT Interconnect Connector Micro D-Subminiature PIN 21 POS00.0000
MS3470W14-4PMS3470W14-4P Circular MIL Spec Connector 4P Sz 14 Recpt Wall Mount Pin00.0000
MS3475W14-4PMS3475W14-4P Connector Circular MIL Spec 4P Sz 14 Straight Plug Pin00.0000
MS3470W14-5PMS3470W14-5P Connector Circular PIN 5 Terminal 1 Port00.0000
KPSE06A14-19SKPSE06A14-19S ITT Connector PLUG 19POS CBL MNT W/SKTS00.0000
KPSE07E14-19PKPSE07E1419P ITT Connector 19POS JAM NUT W/PINS00.0000
7101J1V3QE27101J1V3QE2 ITT Rocker Switch 5A 120V SPDT2984.8500
KPT07E8-4SKPT07E8-4S ITT Connector Miniature Circular Socket 4 POS00.0000
VG95234B1-14S-6SNVG95234B1-14S-6SN ITT Connector Circular Socket 6 POS Crimp00.0000
VG95234B1-16A11SNVG95234B116A11SN ITT Connector Socket; 2Pin00.0000
VG95234B1-20-8PNVG95234B1208PN ITT Connector Circular 6 POS 1 Port00.0000
VG96912D12-35PNVG96912D12-35PN ITT Circular Connector 22P00.0000
SJT07RT-10-35SN-014SJT07RT-10-35SN-014 ITT Circular Connector, 37 Contacts00.0000
VG95234M-14S-6PNVG95234M-14S-6PN ITT Circular Connector Plug 6 Position, Male Pins Crimp Silver00.0000
VG95234M-16A11PNVG95234M-16A11PN ITT Connector Circular 2 POS 1 Port00.0000
VG95234M-20-8SNVG95234M-20-8SN ITT Circular Connector, Straight Plug, 6 Contacts00.0000
VG95328M12-3SNVG95328M12-3SN ITT Circular Connector, Straight Plug, 3 Contacts00.0000
0511430580948406-12-26 ITT PIN, CONTACT 12AWG00.0000
CA3106E20-15PBF80CA3106E20-15SBF80 ITT Cannon 7 Position Circular Connector00.0000
DB50906-1DB50906-1 ITT Cannon Connector; D-sub; D B Rectangular00.0000
MDM-15PL1BMDM-15PL1B ITT Cannon Micro-D Connector 15 Position00.0000
MDM-21PL1BMDM-21PL1B ITT Cannon D-Sub Connector00.0000
TBF20-29PSTBF20-29PS-B ITT Cannon Circular Connector00.0000
TBF20-4PSTBF20-4PS ITT Cannon Circular Connector00.0000
DPX2MA-A106SA106S34BDPX2MA-A106SA106S-34B-0000 ITT Cannon Connector 106 Signal00.0000
DPX2MA-A106SA106S-34B-0001DPX2MA-A106SA106S-34B-0001 ITT Cannon Connector 106 Signal00.0000
APK-SB25A40APK-SB25A40-002 ITT Cannon Contact Crimp Terminal 2.5mm Tin00.0000