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Military standards are often referred to using acronyms such as, “MIL-STD” (Military Standard), “MIL-SPEC” (Military Specifications), or informally “MilSpecs” (Military Specifications). They represent a set test specifications and procedures that are designed to achieve the high-quality and high-reliability objectives of the US Department of Defense.
Military grade components are held to a higher standard than consumer grade components. Required to operate at elevated temperatures, exhibit higher tolerances and adhere to more stringent measures of quality control. IBS Electronics offers standard and custom military specification electronic components.

If you are a buyer for department of defense, military, aircraft or aerospace applications, we can help you locate and source legacy, obsolete as well as new electric components to keep your systems running properly and limit downtime from semiconductors, diodes and LED displays for military applications to aircraft parts such as resistors, transistors, relays and other components for aeronautics.

Military Products Parts:

  1. Attenuators
  2. Cables and Assemblies
  3. Connectors
  4. Crystal Oscillators-TCXO, VCXO, OCXO
  5. DC Power Discrete Assemblies
  6. Driver Amplifiers
  7. Fiber Optic Components
  8. Filters & Filter Banks
  9. Frequency Converters
  10. Frequency Doublers
  1. Limiters
  2. LNAs
  3. Mixers
  4. MMIC and PIN Switches
  5. mmwave Solutions
  6. Multi Chip Arrays and Modules
  7. Phase Shifters
  8. PLLs
  9. Power Amplifiers
  10. Power Dividers
  1. Power Transistors-RF and Microwave
  2. Prescalers
  3. Protection Devices (TVS)
  4. Up/Down Converters
  5. Voltage Regulators
  6. Waveguide Products
  7. Military Interconnect Products
  8. Military Passive Products
  9. Military Electromechanical Products
Military Interconnect Products
    Military Passive Products
      Military Electromechanical Products
        mmwave Solutions
            Cables and Assemblies
                Crystal Oscillators-TCXO, VCXO, OCXO